Greater Details for the Proper Home Cleaning Now

Everyone knows that, the keyboard is dirty or maybe there are pieces of food from last week in between. How do you get this clean?

Very simple:

Remove all keys from the keyboard. Put them in a washing net and wash them in the washing machine. The keyboard without keys can now be vacuumed easily. Food waste and dust disappear immediately.

Use a toothbrush

Put the vacuum cleaner on your keyboard. If necessary, wipe a cloth a little and go over the buttons to remove greasy fingerprints.Take a cotton swab with a little ammonia. Go over the keyboard ET voila.

Take a very thin piece of cardboard. Tie a piece of double-sided adhesive tape around it. You can now go with the piece of cardboard between the keys. Dust and other dirt will stick to the adhesive tape. With the good at home cleaning services this is important.


Other cleaning tips

Cleaning tips that should not be missing:

How do you remove chewing gum?

Is there chewing gum in your hair? Then lubricate the chewing gum with peanut butter. After this you can easily comb it out of your hair.Remove chewing gum stuck to chairs and tables? Wet it with soapy water and put it away with a putty knife.

How do you clean your leather couch?

Take a bucket of warm water and add a dash of lettuce oil or sunflower oil. Pinch the sponge well before you go over the bank. Free the bench with a dry soft towel.

Also always bother with cleaning the microwave?

That’s how you do it in an instant:

Put a cup of water with fresh lemon juice in the microwave. Let it boil for a while and the caked dirt will disappear immediately.Choose a solid color microfiber cloth per part.Fill a spray bottle with only water.Fold the fabric through the middle twice so that a rectangular hand-sized cloth remains.

Folding instructions

  • Spray one side of microfiber cloth with a spray bottle.
  • Use the damp side to clean the chosen part.
  • Repeat until all sides of the cloth have been used.
  • If all silk has been used, cloth must be washed out. (Preferably at 60 ° C and without fabric softener)


Microfiber is made to hold and hold dirt. Rinsing in a bucket of water is therefore of little use. By washing at a proper temperature, dirt and bacteria are removed.Lime must be (first) dissolved with a descale and grease (first) with a degreaser.Try to use a clean side for each part as much as possible. For large flat surfaces, use the 2-piece telescopic / extension handle with multilink plate and multimop.

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