Best Details for the Perfect Home Décor As Per Your Requirement Now

How to renovate your living room and make it even more comfortable and more pleasant to live. You would like to rejuvenate the decor of your living room without breaking the bank but you do not know what to change or where to start? Makeover your living room is easy! Discover ideas deco lounge, the simple tricks and easy to upgrade the living room, and feel good without breaking anything and without spending too much money.

Determine a range of colors

Use a color chart to determine 3 or 4 colors, which, with the exception of all others, can be found on a wall, carpet, curtains and cushions or even lampshades. The Home Decor Associates will offer you all the support for the same now.

It can be bright colors: orange, green, yellow and fuchsia or more discreet colors: light gray, dark gray, white and black, or pastel colors: blue, pale green, pink and yellow. It’s up to you to choose the colors you like.

The important thing is to use only these 3 or 4 colors in small keys by reserving one for the painting of a wall, to awaken the white or light beige of the floor, the ceiling and the other 3 walls.

Painting a wall in color

  • Your range of colors in focus, choose a paint to paint a wall in one of the colors you have chosen.
  • Which wall to paint?
  • For more effect paint the one from the bottom, and so you see first when you enter the room.
  • Do not be afraid of a strong color since it is only a wall.
  • A painted wall can invigorate any salon a little too conventional.


You do not want to paint your wall? So why not wallpaper it.

There are all kinds of them: united with graphic patterns in black and white, imitation brick, or flowery. The important thing is to stick to the range of colors you have chosen.

Decommissioning your living room

With the best will in the world, no one can relook a living room cluttered with dolls collections, holiday memories, toys or magazines dusty or trinkets more or less doubtful.

So before you tackle the decor of the living room and paint a wall or piece of furniture clear the cupboards and the room of any useless object.

A useless object can be for example:

  • A carpet mite
  • A broken trinket, but you keep it as a souvenir
  • A wobbly pedestal table.
  • A cushion or curtains in bad condition.
  • A lamp that no longer lights.
  • A board game, which is missing pieces.
  • Video games that we cannot play anymore

Since you want to change the environment and beautify your living room, store, sort and throw or give and keep only what you find beautiful or what is really useful.

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